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We’ve heard of suffering for your art, but these people have taken that to new heights. Fans of extreme body art came from around the world to show off their extreme tattoos and piercings at the third annual International Tattoo Convention. Some of the Fan art is sick! Especially when you can tell lots of time, passion, and effort goes into it. We stumbled upon Thai artist BanHunLek, who does handmade scrap Metal Artwork for a living, and who completed this amazingly on-point rendition of The Incredible Robert Rauschenberg gets heavy metal at Gagosian, Tony Berlant takes to tin at L.A. Louver and Michelle Andrade opens up a show of her notebook drawings at Charlie James. Plus, there’s outdoor sculptural installations and giant wall paintings of dots. Filmmaker Joe Karably profiles Florida artist David Ponsler, who has practiced blacksmithing for more than four decades. Karably’s camera gets close up against Ponsler’s work; as he hammers each piece into unlikely shapes and forms, the metal glows and Few art galleries permit you to touch the exhibits — not so with Harold Kyle’s show at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center, where it’s almost encouraged. The exhibit, “Heavy Metal,” the 65-year-old’s one-man show at the center, features roughly 50 The “Metal Masters of Monroe” will show off their metalwork and art in Hoboken this weekend. Metal Artists will show various kinds of work on Friday on the fourth floor of the Monroe Center for the Arts. Some of the exhibitors include Robert and Jacqueline .
In his job as an inspector with CTI Engineers Inc., Rossville’s Les Hayman has to watch people work. When he’s done working, he’s done watching. Hayman’s two-acre hillside home is full of his handiwork, from an 1865 log cabin he bought, disassembled and When James Selby looks at a carburetor, he doesn’t just see a car part. He sees the building blocks of a lamp. When a friend brought him the carburetor from a car that had burned, he saw something special. “When it caught on fire, it didn’t melt. Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination are to perform in an airtight, soundproofed box outside the Gherkin in London this week. Visible but inaudible to the public, the band’s set will form an art installation by Portuguese artist João Onofre called ‘Box HUNTINGTON — Tending a yard full of plant life may be rewarding for some individuals, but at least one Huntington artist is trying to make a beautiful yard require a little less maintenance. Kimberly Boley runs an art gallery of formed Metal Artworks in .

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