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In addition to the calming atmosphere offered at The Living Room, the Association for Individual Development “We want to create an environment that does not increase anxiety.” The colors used will be very “soothing” colors, such as blues A living room given classic, or traditional, style is still popular, said design consultant Bonnie Kirchner, but it is now being treated to unexpected or unpredictable twists that keep them fresh and relevant. Colors and fabrics keep pieces inviting for Caroline Brearley’s living room. (Leah L. Jones/For The Washington Post (Julius Goyanko/For The Washington Post) THE SOLUTION Designer Danielle Gray adds color to the neutral space and arranges new furniture for a cheerful, relaxed and kid-friendly 9. Traditional Comforts Why We Love It: There is something amazing about a traditional outdoor living room. This one has classic english roll arm club chairs and an elegant yet soft color palate. The gorgeous green plants, soft and comfy furniture The average individual is perfectly capable of deciding on which colors they like and how to combine them when decorating interior spaces, like a living room, bedroom or kitchen, for instance. Once they decide on colors, people carefully coordinate the Mary Fetzer is a freelance writer and marketing consultant with a marketing degree from Penn State University and 15 years of international business experience. Mary specializes in writing about parenting, children, pregnancy, college, h “First, you .
An apparent extension of Microsoft’s IllumiRoom project, RoomAlive takes the idea of using the Kinect peripheral to paint rooms with color and uses an array of projectors to enchant living spaces. In a recent tech demo of RoomAlive, Microsoft showed how Common colors: A lamp with an aqua base seems to be part of most of the vignettes on the main floor of our home, making for a cohesive look. Orange is also a recurring theme, though in smaller doses, and only in the living room and den. My dining room has For one couple, inspiration came from A-lister Reese Witherspoon’s living room in her former home “I love how rich the color is and how it brings such vibrancy to the room,” Soria said. The biggest challenge of the space was finding a statement A few years ago, my wife and I painted our living room walls purple. It was a trendy pick at the time, but the trendiness wore off after about a week. The color was really “eggplant,” but I don’t like admitting we painted our living room the color of .

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