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The living room in the home of Wendy and Alex Santantonio entertaining and organization posts are also fresh and fun ( Design Sponge : Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney has written for Domino and New York magazine Located in Austin, Texas, this brilliant creations boasts unique design, stunning decor, and ample room to entertain, relax, or family time. With large sliding doors from the dining and pool room, the living room effortlessly expands outside, with stunning Where do you find ideas for your home? For one couple, inspiration came from A-lister Reese Witherspoon’s living room in her former home in Ojai, CA. Celeb interior designer Kathryn Ireland decorated the actress’ ranch, which was featured in magazine and living rooms are all on the same floor. Although just a prototype, this vertical house sets a precedent on the future of functional design. There’s no word on whether or not the retailer will add developer to their resume, but we hope that architects We have recently moved into a new home, and are taking our time with decorating because: a) We have been busy with other home improvement projects, b) We hope to live here for many years and are trying to be thoughtful about how we would like our space to Instagram is not just for sexy photos and food porn. Interior designers and architects have carved out their own lane on the popular social media site as well. Instagram photos show us that the living room is more than just a neutral place to stash the .
HBA recently completed the Living Room, a vibrant bar and lounge located in the Grand Hyatt Dubai. HBA brilliantly showcased their expertise in restaurant and bar design, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of Dubai while offering the ultimate guest Generally the problem with small living rooms is overcrowding and cramping. Its a tight space, which usually tends to be dominated by TV stands, shoulder to shoulder sofa arrangements, clutter and poor lighting. To distance yourself from this pinched Love your living room, but tired of its look? Just follow these easy Living Room Design tips. The core of any living room redecoration comes down to three ingredients: light, color, and seating. Use windows to make your living room look bigger, brighter Furniture is easy to find from a multitude of sources. The difficult part of purchasing furniture is cultivating a cohesive look to match a design plan. INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder have designed homes/rooms in .

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